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1583 born near Salisbury, Wiltshire

11/24/1583 Baptized at St. Thomas` Church, Salisbury

1602 Massinger attended St. Alban Hall, Oxford

Approx 1619 The Fatal Dowry collaboration with Nathan Fieldare, a domestic tragedy in a French setting

1620 The False One, Massinger collaborated on this play with Fletcher

Approx 1620 The Virgin Martyr collaboration with Thomas Dekker, a historical play about the persecution of Christians under the Roman emperor Diocletian

Approx 1621 The Maid of Honour, combines political realism with the courtly refinement of later Caroline drama.

Approx 1622 The Duke of Milan

Approx 1623 The Bondman,is about a slave revolt in the Greek city of Syracuse

Approx 1624 The Unnatural Combat

Approx 1624 The Renegado, a tragicomedy with a heroic Jesuit character, gave rise to the unaccepted theory that he became a Roman Catholic.

Approx 1626 The Roman Actor

Approx 1630 A New Way to Pay Old Debts, his most popular and influential play, in which he expresses genuine indignation at economic oppression and social disorder

Approx 1631 Believe As You List

1639 died in the month of March in London

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